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Hitler’s Tasters by Michelle Kholos Brooks

I am honored to be playing the part of Anna in Michelle Kholos Brooks play “Hitler’s Tasters”, produced by New Light Theater Project, currently running at the IRT Theater in the West Village from October 8th to October 27th.

Three times a day, every day, a group of young women have the opportunity to die for their country. They are Adolph Hitler's food tasters. Using an anachronistic retelling of a historical footnote, and stretching from the WWII era to today’s autocracy, the play asks us to consider what girls discuss as they wait to see if they will live through another meal.

Directed by Sarah Norris

New Light Theater Project


The ensemble is nothing short of breathtaking
— Erika Phoebus, New York Theater Review
The ensemble cast latches onto Michelle Kholos Brooks’s script with passionate zeal and each member delivers authentic and believable performances.
— Theater Reviews Limited
Under Sarah Norris’s exacting direction, the brilliant ensemble cast carries this perennial weight with enormous grace and determination.
— theater reviews limited